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Progress Journal

28 Aug 2020

The gift of prednisone

      Because of the bee stings, the doctors put me on prednisone. It seems to keep me awake all the time. So, I have been getting more office work done than I ever have before. It’s also giving me the opportunity to research equipment and other needs for the ministry. Being up late, I discovered the glory of “Facebook marketplace“. There are many things on the marketplace that people are willing to sell or giveaway. As I have been praying about it, I’ve been prompted to just start asking people if they are willing to donate items to the farming ministry. I’ve had a sense, through prayer that something really good is going to come of this.
27 Aug 2020

Swarmed by bees

     Yesterday, I was mowing the far hill of the property and ran over a Hornet’s nest. Startled, I fell back onto the ground and got stung about 15 to 20 times. Because I am allergic, I had to go to Urgent Care quickly. This was not a fun experience. I believe I was in there for about four hours. They now put me on prednisone. I can’t speak enough about the professionalism and kindness of the nurses and doctors at urgent care in Douglassville Pennsylvania. They were awesome.
30 Jul 2020

Now an Official 501c NonProfit!

We finally received the approval letter today that Big Heart Harvest is a registered 501c NonProfit! Praise God. It took forever, but it is done.
15 Jul 2020

More individual “Front Porch Deliveries”

      Because of of the. COVID 19 Pandemic, there has been a great deal more individual deliveries. People Have been contacting us through social media as well as our website. So far, we have been able to keep pace.
17 Jun 2020

Now planted and growing

App. 1500 corn stalks

App. 500 bean plants

App.  80 Sweet potatoes

App. 90 beet plants

App. 144 carrot plants

App. 100 potato plants

8 May 2020

New Produce Provided

It is that time of year: Baby Spinach and Beet leaves make a nutritious and tasty salad. We have begun delivering these fresh picked to those in need. 
5 May 2020

About 20 different vegetables planted and growing.

26 Apr 2020
1 Apr 2020
New eggs are being incubated to grow the flock.
12 Mar 2020

St. Mary of the Lakes, Medford Lakes, NJ; Thank you for Supporting this Ministry!

     On behalf of Big Heart Harvest  Farming Ministry, I would like to take the opportunity to thank  and the students in the Confirmation Program at St. Mary of the Lakes, Medford Lakes for your kind financial support of this effort to serve those in need. These students held a bake sale that raise money for this ministry. Your generosity is inspiring.
11 Mar 2020
2020 First Beets are Germinating
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