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Big Heart Harvest

Big Heart Harvest


Progress Journal

25 Feb 2021

Close to full Egg Production

Today was a big day for out hens. 29 eggs just today!
11 Feb 2021

Easter Eggers just started laying

The first eggs are small but colorful. They will get bigger I time.
8 Feb 2021

Thank you St. Martin of Tours, New Hope!

     A special thank you goes out to Fr. Kindon and the parishioners  of Saint Martin of Tours in New Hope, Pennsylvania. Thank you for allowing me to speak at Mass and for your generous financial support.

6 Feb 2021
New Carburetor just arrived!
New Carburetor just arrived!

Carburetor arrived!

     I just picked up the new carburetor today. I won’t have time to install it until next week. I can’t wait to get this in and start it back up. To be continued.....
5 Feb 2021
Big Mommy is saved!
Big Mommy is saved!

Big Momma is Saved!!!

     Big Momma had not laid an egg in months and was slated to be put to better use. However, she just laid two eggs in two days. She is the only one left to lay brown eggs, so we know that it was her. So she will be around a while longer.
26 Jan 2021

Thank you Tuscarora Wayne Foundation!

     We just received an unsolicited donation of $500 from the Tuscarora Wayne Foundation. Thank you for believing in this ministry!
25 Jan 2021

Network for Good

     Though we had a great year for fund raising, we have realized that we need to “up our game” if we are to reach our goal of purchasing our land. So we have decided to purchase specific integrated fund raising software through a company named “Network for good”. This is going to allow us to streamline and organize our contacts, donors and finances which will allow us to reach our goal as well as give us more time in the field.
16 Jan 2021

Nala Training

    Nala is now 70 lbs! She is now at the point where we are able to leave her out of her pen and in the yard all day. (even when we leave the property) Unlike our other dogs, she only barks to alert us of a visitor. 
    She is getting better in the pasture with the chickens. She is still not ready to leave her alone with them yet. She still has a desire to play with them and herd them. Because she does not know her own size and strength, she might hurt them inadvertently. Training to continue.....
15 Jan 2021
Carburetor Needed
Carburetor Needed

Ordered new carburetor 

     Even after rebuild, carburetor is still flooding. As it turns out, the carburetor for this tractor is obsolete. So, the rebuilt parts that they send out will never match completely which is why I believe it will keeps flooding. So I made the decision to purchase a néw comparable carb. It is on order. To be continued.....
4 Jan 2021

Thank you Walmart Store 1777 !

     We received a check today from Walmart in Reading for $2000. Thank you for believing in this ministry!
15 Dec 2020

Thank You GIANT Food

We received an unsolicited check from GIANT food Co. for $1500. This was on top of the $1000 in gift cards that they donated in the fall. Thank you for believing in this ministry.
15 Dec 2020
Tractor work
Tractor work

Tractor Carburetor Work

     The tractor has been moved into the machine shop for prep work for spring. The carburetor keep flooding out. So I have made the decision to have it rebuilt. To be continued......
14 Dec 2020

Nala Training

     Nala is learning at lighting speed. Much of this is credited to Rosy (our border collie) who has become a great teacher. She is currently 45 pounds and gaining fast. She is finished with all of her Vet Shots and ready to begin her integration with the chickens.
11 Dec 2020

Gift Cards for Christmas

      Through the generosity of one of our donors, we are now distributing a limited number of Walmart gift cards to those in need.
      Through consultation with community organizations and pastors, We have determined specific families and households that would benefit greatly from this blessing.
      I cannot express how grateful we are to people with means such as this person who are willing to partner with us to bless those in need this Christmas Season.
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