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11 Dec 2020

Gift Cards for Christmas

      Through the generosity of one of our donors, we are now distributing a limited number of Walmart gift cards to those in need.
      Through consultation with community organizations and pastors, We have determined specific families and households that would benefit greatly from this blessing.
      I cannot express how grateful we are to people with means such as this person who are willing to partner with us to bless those in need this Christmas Season.
30 Nov 2020
11/30/2020 Delivery
11/30/2020 Delivery

Today’s egg delivery

     My family is adamant about me “not lifting anything” after surgery. It was a special blessing to have my son make the deliveries to the rescue mission with me today.
28 Nov 2020
In the Hospital
In the Hospital


      Unfortunately, I was admitted to the hospital Thanksgiving morning at 3 AM. I had my gallbladder taken out on Friday afternoon. Hopefully I’m being released today on Saturday. This is going to put a little damper on things as I am not allowed to lift anything heavier than 15 pounds for about six weeks. So, things will get done in the farm but at a slower pace.
25 Nov 2020

Chicken Strike is over!

     Our chickens have finally put an end to their strike and seem to be much more productive. We will be back to making larger deliveries.
2 Nov 2020
Wind storm damage
Wind storm damage

Wind storm damage

Monday’s windy storm mangled our hoop house that was temporarily covering the tractor. We will need to repair it if we will be able to use it as a Greenhouse in the spring.
29 Oct 2020

Welcome Nala

Nala is a new Foundland Puppy. She will be raised to guard the chickens and geese. Purchasing Rosie was made possible by grants from Walmart and Giant.
3 Oct 2020

Tractor was delivered today!

     Thank you again to Nate from Elverson, PA who not only donate this 1949 Case Tractor, but also taught Jacob and I a bit about welding and delivered it to our property.
22 Sep 2020
Another donated coop
Another donated coop

2nd Donated Chicken Coop

Thank you to Corey, in Exton, Pa for donating another Chicken Coop to welcome our new members of the flock.
17 Sep 2020
New Donated Chicken Coop
New Donated Chicken Coop

Chicken coop Painted and ready for new chicks

In truth, we just painted the front so that we could shift it in place and not have to moved it again. It is heavy. Ready for the new additions to the flock.

14 Sep 2020

Donated Shingles

     Thank you to Stacey in Pottstown, Pa and Kenny in Greenland, Pa for the donation of extra shingles. These will be used to repair the roofs of the Chicken coops and geese houses before the winter.
14 Sep 2020
Gotta love the Ford Ranger
Gotta love the Ford Ranger

Picked up the Chicken Coop

12 Sep 2020
Chicken Coop Donated
Chicken Coop Donated

Chicken Coop Donation

     A woman bought a house to fix it up and flip it. In the backyard, was an old chicken coop. She was willing to donate this to the ministry. She said, “if you can get it out of here“ you can have it.
     In order to remove it, I had to ask the neighbors who lived at the bottom of the hill if we could drive on their property. They said yes if we were Willing to remove a huge pile of firewood that they had. Of course, he said “yes”. We could always use the firewood. So, it was a win-win.
      Since the plan is to increase our flock, this is going to work out great.
      Thank you to Megan in Boyertown, Pennsylvania as well as Mr. and Mrs. Walsh who allowed us to drive on their property. What a beautiful couple, married for 67 years.
2 Sep 2020
Tractor Donation
Tractor Donation

Would someone actually donate a farm tractor?

      So again, perusing Facebook marketplace, I began asking people (seems crazy) if they would be willing to donate their old farm tractors that they would have for sale. Well, we actually had someone say yes. We went to go look at it today.
      It was in Elverson Pennsylvania. We had a nice long conversation with the man, Nate. We will not be able to get the tractor until October. We are very grateful.
He is actually willing and wants us to come and weld a couple things on the tractor before we take it home. I don’t know how to weld and neither does my son Jacob. But he wants to teach us. So, not only are we getting a tractor but also a new skill.
      Thank you Nate from Elverson Pennsylvania. Your kind heart is going to help a lot of people.
31 Aug 2020

Rototiller Donation

      This past spring, our Rototiller broke. So, I planted and dug most things by hand. Again, on Facebook marketplace we found this Rototiller. The man asked for $50. I thought this was a fair price, so I was willing to pay it. When I went to pick it up I spoke to him about what we were doing and about our ministry, he freely offered to donate it to the ministry. Thank you David from Boyertown, PA
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