Big Heart HarvestSince 2005

Big Heart HarvestSince 2005


Progress Journal

3 Oct 2018

      Since we moved to our current location, our family has grown food and raised chickens to produce eggs taking the bulk of what we produce to soup kitchens, rescue mission, and individuals who were in need do to financial issues. We have used our greenhouse and small 1/2 acre property to do so. On October 3, 2018, we received a letter from our township that, according to township regulation, we did not have enough land to raise chickens & geese. We were given 60 days to either get rid of our birds or acquire the needed amount of property to maintain them. This was most difficult for me, because it has been one of my personal great joys to take these eggs to Hope Rescue Mission in Reading, PA. I have reached out to the town, and the township manager assured me that we would be in full compliance if we rented  the land next to our property and moved the birds approximately 20 feet  to right of where they currently are and on the 4 acres next door. I will begin reaching out to the land owner and farmer.

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